Wednesday, December 17, 2008


One year ago today my little Colton was born. I cannot believe that it has already been a year! I am so excited to see what the next year will hold for our precious son. He is the sweetest little guy and has the most adorable smile! He has added so much to our family and I am very proud of him :) He loves his big brother so much and will very soon be walking around chasing him. He says, Mama, Dada, Bye Bye and a few other words. I think he will be walking very soon and that makes me sad! He is growing up so fast. I love you Colt and and so thankful that God chose me to be your Mom!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Party and Hospital Pics

Colt's 1st Birthday Party....Today????

We had Colt's first birthday party yesterday and it went well but let me take you back about 24 hrs. before it all happened. Colt was getting sick and we thought he might be getting dehydrated so we waited and then about 12:30am on Saturday morning we knew we needed to take him to the hospital. So we called a friend to come stay with Coop so we didn't have to wake him up and we headed out about 1:20 on our way. We arrived at LeBonheur and checked in at 2:15, we had no idea how long it was going to take to get us into a room and get things going...2:40 we are in a room! We are thinking that we might be able to see a doctor and get home before Coop gets up! Then its about 3:45 and the nurse walks in...had been in the room almost an hour and not one person has come into our room. She wants him to eat a popcicle to see if he can hold it down. He has never had one and didnt' like the cold at all so they switched to Powerade and he loved it! So he just starts downing it and then threw up! Not a good sign. Long story short we left there at 8am and Jon and I had been up for 24 hours by now and we had to head home to get ready for Colt's birthday party :) I am glad that our family was very understanding and it did go well. Colton woke up for about an hour to open presents and see everyone before he had to go back to bed. He didn't get to eat his cake because he was on a liquid diet for the first 24 hours. We will freeze it and give it to him on his real birthday. We had a good time with our family and I will post some pics of Colt in his hospital gown and some of the party! Hopefully his second birthday will be a little smoother! All in all I am very thankful that my precious baby, I can say that till the 17th, is doing better! He will hopefully be back to his old self in a couple of days!