Saturday, January 31, 2009


I love Saturdays when we get to wake up and just stay at home all day and not have any plans. I think every weekend in Feb. we have something so this is our last day of peace but Colt has an ear infection. He had one a month ago on his birthday and now has one again. Lots of friends have had to put tubes in their children b/c of this and I am praying that he doesn't get another one next month! Poor guy. He is doing great today though, playing and having a great time chasing Coop. I love my family and couldn't be happier with our life right now. God has truly blessed us and I don't think I go a day without thanking Him for all that He has given to me, a Godly husband to lead our family, 2 precious sons that I love so much! What would we do without them?!?! I love being a wife and a mom! Staying home with my children is worth every second of the crying, screaming, fighting, smiling, and laughing b/c they will be off to school way too fast!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We woke up this morning to let the dogs out and it was snowing!!!! It was coming down really hard and Cooper was very excited to see it. Colt just stared out the window wondering what that white stuff was. He was only 3 months old last time he saw snow! I love to watch the snow fall. It is so relaxing to me. We have been doing well even though I have not been writing. Alot is going on and at the end of the day I just want to sit and not do anything! I could not be more excited for Spring to arrive...the first reason is because my birthday is the 1st day of Spring but I love that time of year, when we can play outside and we are not stuck in the house all day long! This spring will be fun with Colt because he will be walking, maybe, by then and he can chase Coop and the dogs. He is so laid back and could care less to walk. He crawls so fast he thinks that is just fine. We have booked a beach house in Seaside, FL with my parents and my brother for the end of May and I am ready to pack today to go! I have not been to the beach in years and I am very very excited to take the boys. I think Coop will have a blast playing in the sand and staying in the water for days! I would build a house and live there if Jon would let me :) On another note we are starting Revival with Bill Stafford at our church this Sunday and it will be for 4 nights. I am very excited to hear what he has for our church and I am praying lives will be changed because of this week coming up. So we will be very busy that week! I hope to write sooner than later but we shall see!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am very excited about 2009. There are so many things that will happen this year...
*Jon and I's 5th wedding anniversary
*my 25th birthday
*Cooper's 4th birthday
*Colton's 2nd birthday
I cannot believe that Jon and I will be celebrating very soon our 5th anniversary. I love him more today than I did 5 years ago but I will save the rest for Feb.14! I will be 25 in March and that is crazy to me. I know it is not old at all but I just can't believe it! I am going to try to get into the best shape I have been for a long time this year and I will keep you updated on that. I am wanting to get a Wii Fit and see if that will help but I am just wanting to eat healthier and exercise more and pass that on to my boys. Cooper will be 4 and he could possibly be starting school in the fall and I have many feelings about all of that! Colton will turn 2 at the end of this year and I cannot wait to see how his personality comes out throughout this year. We are hoping for a family beach trip with my family this summer and that would be a blast because the boys have never been...and it just happens to be my FAVORITE place in the world! I could live there. Just the sound of the waves and the sand in my feet! Can't get any better than that. And now my favorite New Year's resolution is to seek to know God more than I ever have. I need him more and more. I cannot get through a day without him and I cannot be the wife and mom to my children without him there guiding me and showing me how to do it. I do not know how people go through their whole life without him. I just couldn't do it and I am aiming high on this one because it is the only one that will last forever. If anyone has any books or studies that would help please let me know. I am very excited to see what 2009 will bring for our family.

North Carolina

We have been home a couple of days now but I needed to write about our trip to NC before I move on to 2009. We got to go to Jon's grandparents house on Christmas day and spend time with his whole family. It was alot of fun. The boys did excellent in the car and they did a great job finding things to play with while we where there. I loved seeing Cooper and Great Grandpa together. Since I don't have a Grandpa still living it was very neat to see them together. Great Grandma had all the boys favorite foods and they felt like they were at home! I would love to have the chance to take the boys again. We got home about 7 Tuesday night. We were all very tired and happy to be home with our dogs :)