Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Sweet

Griz, our dog we have had since we got married 6 years ago is very sweet with my little Caden. The other day he went over and laid right beside him and his ear was on Caden's forehead. Too cute. Please excuse the terrible clothes Caden has on! One of those mornings when everything was just thrown on!

Worn Out

Here is my Coop. He got to go swim at a friends house the other day and came home wanting to go out and play some soccer. He has been watching all the World Cup games and cheering big time for USA, sad they lost, but neways he has been playing alot of soccer because of that. He came back in because it was too hot and we were talking then the next thing I knew he was laying on the floor out! He doesn't take naps anymore but I guess today he needed one!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Life with Three

Today is my first day home alone with my 3 guys. I honestly didn't know how it was going to be with 3 kids but I figured since Cooper is 5 now he would be a great help and Colton just does whatever Coop does so I figured they would be good and they have done awesome! Cooper is such a help to me when I need him to get me something or just to sit by me and cuddle! Colton has really surprised us and loves his little brother so much, he says "I hold him, I hold him" all the time and I love to see the three of them together. I pray that they will all be best friends growing up and stick together forever!

Today has gone well. Caden is the most precious baby and is doing wonderful. He maybe gets up once a night and has already slept from 10-6 as well. We are truly blessed. He loves for his mama to hold him and I have no problem with that. He very rarely cries and does not spit up at all! Thank you Lord, Colton had reflux really bad and we prayed very hard for Caden to not have any issues with it. So far so good!

I was holding Caden the other night and just started crying and Jon asked what was wrong and I just smiled and said, He's just so cute! Hormones! But I just can't get over the fact that God chose me to be the mom to these 3 little boys. I love them so much and I pray for them daily to accept Christ at a young age. Cooper woke up the morning we had Caden and told my mom that he asked Jesus into his heart. Jon has been talking with him alot lately and we are praying for him. He still doesn't really understand everything yet but he is getting close and I pray that his heart will stay open till that time comes.

We are ready to see Daddy around here. Having him home for a week was very nice and my boys miss him! And so do I!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delivery Story

We were going to be induced Monday June 21st at 5am with Caden. Sunday night I was having contractions but that wasn't anything unusual because I had been having braxton hicks for a loong time now so I didn't think anything of them. We finally went to bed about 11:30 and my alarm was set for 3:20am and I tried to go to sleep but the contractions would not go away and I just thought it had to do with having a baby soon the next day. I finally got out of bed about 2 after just laying there forever because my contractions were getting worse. I got in the shower and woke Jon up about 3:30 and said I am having contractions and they are pretty regular. He said, well good when we get there maybe you have made more progress so the induction won't take as long. By the time I dried my hair I was dying with the contractions. I was ready to leave immediately but we got everything in the car and left about 4:10. The whole way there my contractions were 4 min. apart on the dot and when we pulled in the parking lot my water broke! I got out of the car and walked into the hospital peeing on myself it felt like. We got to the window in the middle of a contraction and I told the lady that I was here to be induced at 5 but my water just broke in the parking lot and my contractions are 4 min. apart. She said, Awesome! I just looked at her and said, ummm can I have a room please. She says, just go take a seat in the waiting room and we will get you a room shortly. About that time another contraction hits and more water begins leaking and I just looked at her. She asked, would you like a wheelchair? Umm...yes please. They get me into a room and ask all the abusive questions without Jon and I kept asking for pain medicine b/c I was not about to have a baby with no drugs! She kept putting it off and the contractions were getting harder and closer together. By the time I got my epidural I was 8 cent. having contractions about every minute to minute 1/2. Someone shoot me! I thought I was gonna die! 15 min after I got the epidural I was 9 1/2 and began pushing! Hello! Thank you Lord for a fast working epidural. After 15 min. of pushing my precious baby boy was born at 7:33am, about the time my doctor was to come break my water :) He was a big baby, 9lbs 8oz and 20 3/4 inches long! What a cutie he is! I am so in love and he just melts my heart with his gassy smiles! Here is a pic of my little man after his first bath! What a handsome guy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Three Sons....

Some Pics

I am so blessed! We had a great first night at home and all is well at the Kenney household! I will write our delivery story soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Caden Bryant Kenney

Caden is here! He was born at 7:33am and weighed 9lbs 8oz and is 20 3/4 inches long. I will update with pics and delivery story soon! He is precious!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This morning the boys and I met my Dad at McDonalds for a Father's Day breakfast. My mom and Jon had to be at the church for the first service and we weren't going till the 2nd one so we decided to meet for breakfast. The boys had a great time and we discussed that tomorrow Dad will have his 3rd grandson! Crazy! Here are some pics of the boys with Grandpa. Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!

Coop and Dad showing off their shooting form 

Dad with the boys!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost There

This week I have finished all my errands that were on my to do list before baby gets here and today I checked off the last one! Tomorrow all day is our last family day as the 4 of us! The boys are excited that we are going to see Toy Story 3 and then who knows what else we will do. I am so excited to spend all day with my boys and then I get to add another little man to the mix in just a couple of days!!!

We can't wait to hold our precious baby! We have to be at Baptist Womens on Monday at 5am! Don't think I'll be sleeping very much that night! We are very excited around our house!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is my happy Colton with his bandage on. We have others with him not so happy so this is a good one!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Fun Day

Today I took Cooper to the doctor and he has strep throat! So now that he has had his shot he should be good by Monday! I am praying that Jon and I do not get it!!! Now that everything that could happen has happened we are praying that the next 5 days are good and healthy! By the way, I am exhausted and very tired of all of this!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Colton's Doctor's Appt

Jon and I took Colton today for his 2nd xray to see how things were progressing. I have been praying that he would be healed and that they would say he is doing great. They did the xray which is not fun then we went to a room. The doctor came in and asked what they told us Wednesday night at the hospital? We told him and he said, well I can't even see a specific spot where anything happened on the xray!!!! So he sat Colton up and he began to press on the collar bone, HELLO! I was like umm....leave him alone! Colton did great and just flinched a little. The doc said he looks good and to just keep the bandage on for 7-10 days until he wants to take it off b/c it doesn't hurt anymore. He said its still sore but its healing great! He cannot go into a class at church for 2 weeks just to be sure he doesn't fall or injure it again. We have an appt. July 8th to make sure he is good to go! I know that God answered our prayers and he is doing so much better. I pray that in 7 days he will be doing tons better so he can be a good big brother to Caden. Thank you for your prayers, they were felt and the xray shows that my God hears our prayers and answers them! Just continue to pray for us as we are all getting ready to have our sweet baby in just a few short days!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well we have survived the past few days with Colton. The first couple were pretty rough, he was in pain and kept forgetting that he couldn't use his right arm, which is the one he always uses. An hour after he has his pain meds he is good. He has now learned his limits on what he can and can't do with his right arm and he is doing well using his left arm for most things. We go tomorrow at noon to get him another xray and to see the progress he is making. I am praying that the Lord has healed him! He really stresses me out and I don't think thats good in my condition! I just DO NOT want him to fall again and mess it up worse than it already is! Oh and we are having a baby in 8 days!!! O my! I pray Caden stays comfy in my tummy till Monday when we induce so we can have these next days to focus on getting Colton as back to normal as we can! Please pray for us tomorrow at noon that we receive good news from the doctors! I will let you know what we find out!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Precious Colton

It has been quite interesting around our house the past 5 days. Saturday we took Colton to the doctor b/c of a rash and fever and found out that he had strep throat. We had no clue. So we chose the shot in case Caden was born so we wouldn't have to worry about remembering his antibiotics. So he was all better and we have had a great Monday and Tuesday. Today was going great, after baths before heading to dinner with my brother Colton fell off his bed. He is our tough guy, normally he cries a little then moves on. Well today he kept crying and saying, hurt, hurt. Then he would move his arm and scream ouch! So Jon was thankfully already on his way home so when he got home I told him we prob needed to head to the hospital to get him checked out. The joys of living out in the country... we got to drive an hour in 5:00 traffic to the hospital. We got there and the waiting room was packed! I was dreading how long it would take and with him in all this pain it wasn't going to be pretty. After we talked to the guy at the desk he gave me a Fast Track card and told me to go down the hall to the other window. Within 5 min. we were back in a room! Amazing! Things went pretty fast and they did an xray of his shoulder and collar bone. Sure enough he broke his collar bone. He must have fell in a real akward way. So they said that is the best bone to break b/c it will heal itself and the pain should go away in a few days. They put him in a sling and then wrapped him w/ an ace bandage. He absolutely hates it and then throws his arms up but then realizes that wasn't very smart and hurts really bad. He cannot run, climb, or play for a few days so please pray for me as I am about to pop that I can deal with him in the best way for both of us. We go back Monday for another xray to see how things are progressing! I am praying they give us a green light. We just pray that nothing else crazy will happen in these next 11 days before Caden arrives. Hopefully Colton will be ok by then! I am gonna try and sleep after all this craziness! Praying tomorrow is a good day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Redbirds Game

A couple of weeks ago we got to go to the Redbirds game. The boys had never been and my brother got free tickets so we went and it was fun. Colton made it about 4 innings then he was done but we had a good time and Cooper wants Dad to take him back so they can stay a whole game! Here is a pic of my boys by the baseball player out front!

Dinner with Flo

Well I have finally got all my pictures from the night we had dinner with Flo. Flo is a guy I met back in 2000 when he came from Germany to be an exchange student at Germantown High School. Audrey invited him to church with her and he came and got saved and we have been friends since. I have seen him at least once a year since then. He came back for our wedding and was a part of it. He is a great friend and we love his yearly visits. The boys enjoy him very much and this time they loved asking what different words sounded like in German. We are so grateful that he calls us every year when he comes to town! Here are pics from our dinner with him.

Monday, June 7, 2010

38 Weeks

Today is 38 weeks. I am still 1 cent but 60% efaced now. I go again on Friday because my doctor leaves town on Saturday and will be gone all next week. So he needs to come now or wait till induction. We will be very busy next week with VBS so I am fine with waiting 2 weeks from today to be induced. We got our papers and will be at the hospital at 5am on the 21st!! We are so ready to meet our newest little guy! 14 days sounds so soon!!! :) Can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

37 Weeks

I went to the doctor today and I am 1 cent. and 50% efaced, if that is how you spell it. Things are looking good and I was told if I go into labor at any point from now on they will not stop me! Yay! Come on little guy I am ready to have you!!!!