Monday, January 24, 2011


My husband is an extremely talented man. He made a portfolio website of some of the stuff that he has done. Check it out and if you know anyone who could use him pass it along. Thanks!! He is just trying to do some side work.

Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Months

My baby, today you are 7 months old and I think the months keep going by faster and faster. You are the sweetest baby and are just a pure joy to be around. You are a pro at taking your paci out and putting it back in. You laugh all the time and that smile will get you alot around here. You say Mama and Dada. I run up the stairs when you wake up saying mamama. That sound never gets old. You monthly picture is getting more difficult as you want to eat the paper. So I got the best one from that, then had to post the one of you in the playroom. I love you sweet baby!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakfast Ideas

I am tired of doing the same old thing for breakfast with the kiddos. What are some of the things you all eat? I am excited about learning some new things. Or any websites that you have found to be good and healthy.

I am up for more than breakfast as well but just whatever you have would be great! Hope you are all well!

This year is going well for us. I have been consistently doing P90X for 6 weeks now and I am totally addicted. I have lost inches and pounds. I love it so much!! The boys are doing great and growing older by the minute! I am so blessed to have an incredible marriage and awesome sons. I love my life!

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow of 2011

Here is our day in pictures. They had a great time in the snow.

Colton's first steps outside

Coop loved throwing snow balls

Caden watched from the front door

Playing with Dad

Having fun!

Colton throwing a snow ball at Dad

About to go sledding

Making a snow angel

Our homemade sled!

They loved it!

There goes Coop

He fell off around the turn

Going down the hill

Colton's turn

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decisions Decisions

This is kinda long so read if you want...

My baby boy has been through alot over the past few months and we are still battling to figure out what we are supposed to do and today was a day that I was fed up with all of it. He has had a cyst on his bottom since September and our Dr. drained it and said it should go away. Well it didnt and it has been coming back ever since. He said there was nothing else he could do so he recommended us to a peds surgery group back in November. We went and she was not very nice and just gave us some antibiotics, which we had already been on but we did it anyway. She said come back in a month. We did and of course when we did it was not at a head so she said it was just dead tissue and it will go away. Just come back in March?!?! So I left disappointed but what else could we do? It came back again then went away but this past weekend it was bleeding and then it came to the biggest head it ever has on Monday. He was in so much pain and was up in the middle of the night screaming, which something is very wrong for that to happen. So this morning I was done, I called the surgeons office and explained to them what happened and said I really wanted him seen soon so they could see how it looked. Well it popped when I was waiting on a call back and when she did call she said it would be 3 weeks till they could work him in. I then began to cry and tell her that I have to get him in very soon. She told me she would talk to the doctor and call me back. In the meantime I called our Dr. to see if we could just go see him. Well since we have now been to a surgeon our own doctor cant do anything about it. So they said to see if another dr. could see him. So I call back and the little lady that I had talked with earlier told me they were all booked for like a month. So I say ok, she says she will call back later. Bye. She finally calls about 12:30 this afternoon and asks me how far away we are and I told her about an hour, she said well get things ready in case we can work you in this afternoon. How am I to get things ready when I have to go get Coop from school at 2:45??? Neways, Colton, Caden, and I were packed ready to go and we would decide about Coop later, days like today would be awesome if we had 2 cars...neways. I get a call at 1:45 saying there is another dr. that can see him, go there asap. I call Jon to see if he can go with me b/c of the day I was having I didnt want to go alone to hear all our options. I went to the church and picked him up, my mom went and got Coop from school and just took him back to work with her. We made it and met a great dr, he took his time with us and was very kind. He said his formula could be causing it to reoccur so try soy formula. So we will start that. He could have surgery then a few days later another one could pop up so it possibly could come back. Then the more surgerys you have he could loose control of his bowels. Not gonna put him through that. He also said that once he is eating regular food and off formula it could go away. So Jon and I are praying that the formula change will help him and that it just goes away. Please pray for him. It doesnt bother him unless it swells up then he is hurting alot! We have a big decision to make before we go back on the 24th. Sorry its so long but I wanted to document all that we have been through. We appreciate all the prayers we can get. I am just so thankful to God for opening the door for us to get in today!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye

Its a new year and Caden has learned something new already! Today he started waving bye bye. It is so precious and cute to watch him just stare at his hands when he does it. I love that little boy so much! I will try and get video of him doing it and post it!