Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool Weather

Well I am happy to say that it finally feels like fall. This week the highs are in the 70's and I am loving it!!! Cooper has his fall break next week and hopefully we will have great weather to just spend all day outside!

Did I say that I love this weather?!?!?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun in the Mountains

We just got home from Gatlinburg, TN. Our whole church staff went there for a conference. Jon and I enjoyed getting away from the boys and being with adults for a change.

I am beyond excited about where God has placed our family. Crosspointe is an AMAZING church and I am just thankful that we get to be a part of what God is doing there.

We had alot of fun just hanging out with everyone and had a nice relaxing time.

Colton is very into the movie Herbie, Fully Loaded and there was a Herbie on the street so Jon and I had to take a picture with it. Colt got very excited when he saw it!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No fever!?!?!?

Well, I went to bed last night with a 100 degree fever and woke up to a 98.7! I am scared that it was a fluke but I have been fine all day. I am very weak but feel better.

I am still coughing and sneezing but the body aches are gone and I do not have a fever. While the guys were at church I washed my sheets and so that makes me feel clean.

I am still in my room just to be sure its gone. I am praying its over and that I can gain my strength back. Just taking a shower about put me over the edge.

Jon and I leave for a conference on Wednesday so I pray that I will be 100% and that Jon does not end up getting it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still have the flu...

I am sitting here in bed, where I have been since Thursday and I am sick of being sick. Everytime I take my temp I pray that it is gone and its still there.

The chills and body aches are terrible!!!! There is really nothing you can do for it except drink lots of water and wait it out.

I am sick of my house and my bedroom and I am tired of hearing all my boys out in the living room and not being able to play with them. It breaks my heart when Colt is banging on the door yelling, Momma!!!! I want so badly to go grab him and give him the biggest kiss...Jon would die!!

My husband has been amazing through all of this. He took the boys to his parents house today just to get out of our house but made me promise to not leave my room and if I did to remember what I touched so he could clean it when he got home.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fever Free

Well Cooper has been fever free since Wednesday afternoon and will be going to school tomorrow. Both sets of grandparents are coming to eat lunch with him at school.

I think it is pretty cool that my children have all 4 grandparents that are very involved with their lives. I only started out with 3 grandparents and none of them lived around here. It is something that Jon and I should never take for granted.

Enough of the boys....I am not sick! Wednesday night I had a low fever and was just hoping that I was just exhaused from taking care of the kids.

Thursday it was higher and my body ached so bad. It hurt to move and I knew that I had the flu. Jon immediately began spraying lysol and wiping down everything he thought I had touched.

Hoping it wouldn't last very long I settled into bed to sleep it off...or I was sent to my room and told not to come out until it was gone :) I love my husband!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So today I took the boys to Dr.Bubba and they tested positive for the flu!

I am guessing Cooper got it from school and brought it home! Lovely! But the good news was that the Doctor said he had not seen many parents get it. It was mainly hitting the kids. Good thing b/c I was being coughed and sneezed on all day long.

This afternoon Coopers temp went up real high again with the chills and all. He was so pitiful looking and was upset b/c he didn't really know what was going on with his body.

We are hoping he can go to school on Friday for Grandparents Day. We shall see...

Monday, September 14, 2009

High Fever

Well, we have been at home now since Friday night and Cooper has had a fever off and on. Sunday we did not go to church and I was getting upset b/c he was just as wild as normal. So Sunday night he didn't have a fever so we were going to send him to school today.

Well, I went for a run this morning and came home to a crazy house. Jon had been up w/ the boys since I had left. Colton had gotten sick in his bed and needed a bath. Jon had made Coop's lunch and was trying to get him ready for school. So when I got home I started getting his clothes on him and he felt warm so I took his temp. It was 99.4. Man, he can't go to school. So we put his pj's back on and try to relax.

He was fine till about 3:00. He breaks out with this 103 degree fever with chills and gets very pale. I was very nervous and didn't really know what was going on. Jon was in Staff meeting so I couldn't even talk to him.

He was in bad shape that night and I had talked with a nurse off and on and they told me that he needed to be seen on Tuesday...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just the beginning...

Today when Cooper got home from school the whole family loaded up and went to Walmart. On our way home I turned around and looked at Cooper and he just didn't look right. He was acting fine but I told Jon that I was gonna check his temp when we got home. Well he had a 100 degree fever.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love Fall!

I love the change of seasons, espically when it starts to cool off!! I will admit that I love cold weather. I love the beach also but I would much rather be cold than hot.

Fall brings a refreshing desire to be outside with the boys and to just sit and read a book with the windows open while the cool breeze blows in! I love it!!

Fall also brings college football! We are so excited about this Saturday when Alabama has their first football game of the season. Hope it will be a good year for them!

Cooper is loving school and making friends. He is the teachers pet also. They were coloring things that were orange and his teacher went and found a basketball just for Coop to color b/c they know he loves basketball! He is a little spoiled.

Colton is enjoying having Mom all to himself these days. He is very clingy and some days are good and some are bad b/c I have no one to entertain him while I try to do housework. I cannot believe that he will be 2 years old in just 3 months!!! Time is flying by.

Jon is busy busy at the church. We love Crosspointe so much and are so thankful that God has placed us there. The church is growing alot and we are very excited about what the future holds for our church.

I am just doing the normal Mom thing, trying to get schedules adjusted to school time and all that good stuff. I am also going to be running the St.Jude Half Marathon on December 5th. I have truly fallen in love with running and it makes me very happy! Its nice to have a goal to work towards, my training offically starts Sept.28th! Would love some encouraging words!

Cooper is on a church soccer team this fall and Jon and Pastor Jim are the coaches. It will be quite a hoot I am sure but I will post some pics from his fall season of soccer.

Thats all for now...hope it won't be very long before I write again.