Saturday, May 31, 2008

3 Years Ago...

Three years ago Jon and I were at the hospital awaiting the arrival of our first child! We had no idea really how much our lives would change from that day forward and what a HUGE blessing he would be in our lives. Cooper was born at 2:46 in the afternoon and he took our breath away. What a cute little guy he was and now he is 3 years old already. I cannot believe it. I thank God everyday I get to stay at home with him and see him grow and learn new things all the time. He is so carefree and has the best personality! I love to see him get all excited and today he knows that it's his birthday so hopefully we can show him today just how much he means to us. He is an AWESOME addition to our family. And a great Big Brother I might add :) I will post pics of his parties whenever I get a chance.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Zoo

Well I know its been almost a week since I have written about our adventure to the zoo. It was definately pretty crazy. My friend and I got all 5 of our kids in one car with 2 double strollers, we were very impressed and it only took about 30 minutes to figure out how to get all this to happen. We went to the zoo and had a good time. Colt was awake the entire time which suprised me so he did enjoy it. Here are some pics from our trip.

This is Cooper and Jake
My happy baby Colton

My boys who are

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colton's First Trip to the Zoo

We are about to head out to the zoo. This will be Colt's first time to see all the animals and I am pretty sure he will probably sleep through most of it. We are going with 2 other staff wives from our church so there will be 3 moms and 6 kids...should be fun! :) I will post some pics when we get home.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Evening with my Husband

I don't remember the last time that Jon and I were able to go out and enjoy a nice quiet evening with each other, but that ends tonight!!!! Jon's mom is going to watch the boys tonight and let us go out, they are even spending the night so tomorrow morning I won't here someone yelling, "Momma, its 7!!!!" It will be so nice to just have a nice night with my husband. I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Having fun with our Boys

Cooper loves to slide and fly in the air with Daddy. Colton was in a great mood so we got some good pictures of him. Thank you Savannah.

Four Generations

Last night we were able to go to Jon's parents house to see his Grandparents who were in town from North Carolina. Here is a pic of them with our boys. It's so neat for Cooper and Colton to be able to spend time with their Great Grandparents, Barney and Mary Beers.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Been A While

Well it has been a while since I last posted anything. Just an update on us...we are in the middle of completely redoing our kitchen. We are painting now then painted our cabinets, getting new countertops, getting tile floor, putting up a tile back splash and getting all matching appliances. I have no idea how long this whole process will take but I am ready for it to be done. Painting with the boys here during the day is kinda difficult and I really don't think we should be smelling this everyday :) I am so excited about the way it will look when we are all finished! Then its time to paint the living room and the master bedroom and bath! I don't think we will have any free time for a while. We are doing good. I just cannot believe that my baby boy will be 3 years old this month!!! Life goes by so fast. Well I just wanted to give everyone an update on us.