Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home Run...or Runs

Today was another first for one of our boys I will be sad when we don't get to experience them anymore. Anyways...This is our first year of playing tball and Cooper and Colton have both really enjoyed it. Today Cooper hit his first ever home run!!! One proud momma right here. I am sad to say they played right in the middle of Caden's nap so I stayed home so everyone at the game could enjoy it without him fussing. Jon sent me the video and I am so proud!! Colton also hit a single on the first pitch! As I sat watching the video over and over I get another text that says...He did it again!!!! So I got that video and can't stop watching! So thankful to the Lord for the talents He has given my boys. Can't wait to see how He will use them for His glory!! Let's Go Diamondbacks!!!!