Thursday, October 30, 2008


Cooper got his hair cut the other day and this is how he wanted to look when he left. Michelle from church did it and he thought he was so cool! He was very very very upset with me when it washed out! So next time we will have to go in the morning and he can have it like that all day long!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival 08'

Cooper racing a pumpkin

Cooper and I riding a horse!

Cute Colton

Cooper and Jake AKA Race Car Drivers!!!

The 2 most precious boys in the whole wide world!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Meet Donut

Yesterday we got to church and as I was walking up to the doors on the nursery side I heard barking, sounded like a puppy. The I saw the cutest puppy chained to the fence by the playground. Other people were around and had noticed her sitting there as well. So we went over and someone had just dropped her off hoping that some nice person would take her home. So I went inside and asked them if they knew who's dog this was. No one knew where she came from or anything. So of course I called Jon and told him to meet me in the nursery. We went outside and he smiled and said, "You want her don't you" then I say, "OF COURSE!!!!" I LOVE dogs!!! So Renee, a wonderful lady at the church, took care of her while we were in church. When we got out everyone wanted to know what we had named her but we hadn't even thought that far! But Cooper heard them ask and he said, "DONUT!" So we have a cute little golden retriever mix named Donut! She is a good puppy and Griz likes her alot! Here are a few pics of her on her first day with us...