Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its Positive

On the morning of October 13, 2009 I took a test that will change our lives, for the better. And when we saw the positive result Jon and I were so excited.

We are going to be having another baby!!!

We went to the doctor yesterday and got to see our little bean and we saw the heart beating and I asked at what week were we able to hear it, I don't remember with the boys, and she said we are going to try and listen now! She clicked on it and there we heard the most precious sound of our baby's heart beating away.

We are excited to welcome our new addition by June 23, 2010.

Cooper's vote is out for a baby sister but we will take what the Lord gives us!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


A family at our church was kind enough to give us 2 free tickets to the Nascar race that came to town today. Jon and Coop headed out to experience their first race together. Jon sent me a few text messages saying Cooper was having a blast! They got home and Coop was still grinning ear to ear. He LOVED it and I think that they will be going together every year!!! Jon has some pics of the day on his iphone so once we get them off I can put some up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soccer Star

Last night at Cooper's soccer game he scored 5 goals!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so proud of him and I think that me and my dad were the loudest ones cheering for him :)

I will post pics of him in action very soon! Gooo Coop!!!!