Monday, December 31, 2012

Trip to Georgia

This past weekend we went down to GA to visit our former Pastor and his family. We love them dearly and decided since the boys were out of school for a bit to go down and visit. The boys did good in the car. One time we stopped at a gas station to use the restrooms and Caden sat down in the middle of the floor to read this book...

I'm not sure what to think but Jon and I cracked up when we read the title. We said come on Caden we have to leave and he said, I read this book! Haha! The trip down took longer than expected but with my pregnant self and my small bladder we had to stop alot :)

The boys were so excited to see their friends and started playing right off the bat. They didnt even go to bed till after 11 and even then played in the room. Friday morning Colton was a little sluggish and after lunch I asked Stephanie if she had a something I could take his temp with. Well it was 102. So we headed out to a minor med to get him checked out. During this time Jon took Cooper and Caden to shoot guns. No Caden didnt shoot anything he just went along for fun. Cooper got a BB gun for Christmas and got to shoot it and another gun for the first time. Jon said he did great and he loved every minute of it.

Back to the minor med. Colton and I were there for 4 hours!!!!! Longest day of my life and his probably. We kept going in and out of the waiting room hoping it was time to see the doctor. He was checked for the flu and strep and nothing came back positive. Just a virus let it run its course. Easier said than done when we were going back to a house that had 7 kids staying in it. So from Friday evening on Colton wasnt himself. But he was trying to play and have fun when the motrin would kick in. We were supposed to come home on Monday but Sunday morning when he woke up for the 3rd day in a row with a 103 temp we decided to head home that afternoon.

Cooper had an amazing vacation! Just wish it would have been better for Colton. In the end it was great to hang out with great friends!!! Here are the few pics we got from the trip.

Sick Colton at the Minor Med

Jake and Coop reading/playing

Colton and Anna Kate

Caden and Sadie

We always get a picture of all the kids and this one turned out great! 6 Months from now there will be 2 more! I'm due in March and Stephanie is due in June! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We woke up early to have Christmas here at our house with the boys and they had a great time opening presents. I love the ages they are at right now. As a parent its so neat to see them light up when they open just the perfect gift they have been waiting for!! We did all videos of the morning but I did get one pic of them on the couch before we started.

Cooper 7, Colton 5, Caden 2

Around lunch we headed to Jon's parents house where his whole family was there waiting on us. The boys were spoiled very much by grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Here are a couple pics from the Kenneys.

We are very blessed to have seen all of our family members this year while we celebrated!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lawyer Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Us with Jeremy & Brandi

Next year Chase and Avery will join us!

We had a great time at my parents house celebrating Christmas. Its hard to believe that next year there will be 2 more little ones around. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Colton

Today Colton turned 5, my oh my where has the time gone. I remember that sweet baby that year at Christmas. He has grown so much and is such a funny and crazy kid. I love him so much and I am so blessed to be his Mom.

He had a party with family, then a party with a couple of friends, and then dinner with our family to wherever he wanted. He picked Dairy Queen, they just opened one and he had to try it out and see if their ice cream was any good!

Here are some pictures from our busy couple of days. All our boys are big time into Power Rangers at the moment so thats what he wanted for his party. Sorry these are in random order.

Wolverine Costume he LOVED!!

Getting ready to sing at McDonalds

5 Years Old!

Legos from Aunt Sarah

Getting his costume

Fun with Friends

Opening presents 

Power Rangers 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Way To Go!

Cooper and Colton have been doing excellent in school this year. I was worried about Colton but he has surprised us and has loved every minute of it and is learning so much! We were invited to their awards ceremony not knowing what they were going to get.

Colton was up first and when they called his name he walked up on stage so proud, he's been to many in the past for Cooper so he was excited he was finally getting one. He got Perfect Attendance and the Math Magician award for his class. He had the highest average in math :) way to go buddy!!!

Coopers class was next and he brought home 4 awards! Ever since he's been in school he has gotten Principals List, all A's and he did it again his first 9 weeks of second grade. He also got Perfect Attendance, Most Dependable, and the Math Magician award for his class with a 99% average!

I'm so proud of these boys and the hard work they put into school. I am one blessed Mom!!