Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 Years Old

I'm not sure how this happened but my firstborn is turning into a young man right before my eyes. He is the most thoughtful, sweet, and sensitive guy. I love him so much and am truly thankful that he is our oldest to lead his younger brothers. God blessed me so much when gave him to me. I am honored to be his mom!

Coop and I will begin a new journey this year together. We are homeschooling him this coming year. He is so smart and we have been praying about our options and we have been lead to do this. I am excited and very scared at the same time. I know he will do amazing and I am ready to get it going. I will keep all 3 of you updated on our progress!

All I know is I am thrilled to have him back home with me and honored to be teaching him. Love my 7 year old more than I can express in words!!

Happy Birthday buddy! This year he wanted a family party and then to take his best bud to Incredible Pizza. We had the other 2 boys spend the night with my mom and then Jon and I took Cooper and Luke to Incredible Pizza. On his real birthday Luke and Cooper got to go to the Redbirds game with Luke's step dad and it had a rain delay so they just ate and ate some more in their box till the game started. On his 7th birthday our big guy arrived home at midnight :) I'm definately not ready for the teenage years!!!!

He had a family birthday party and his cake was a Dallas Mavericks jersey. He loved it and here are a couple pics from his party.