Wednesday, March 18, 2009


COLTON IS WALKING!!!!!! I cannot believe I just wrote that! :) My precious baby boy has not wanted to walk for me for a while. He has been pushing and riding his truck but would never let go and walk on his own. After going to the Ear Doctor and learning that he needs tubes I thought that after he got them he would walk. Well today we went for his 15 month checkup and he was just standing in the lobby when his favorite nurse came out and called for Colton, she said Come here....and he did!!!!!!!!!!!! He just walked right over to her, like 5 steps. I was shocked! He has NEVER done that for me or Jon. Jon could be 1 step away and he would get down and crawl. What a stinker! So for the rest of the day you set him down and he just takes off walking. His max is like 6 steps and they said after his surgery on the 25th his balance will be alot better but for now he is walking as well as he can and I am so proud!!! We picked Cooper up from Parents Day Out and Jon told him that Colt was walking now and he asked, "Can he talk too?" How funny! There isn't a button we push to just make them do these things but Coop smiles so big when Colt just comes walking right too him!

On a side birthday is on Friday and I can't wait!!! I love my birthday and it's the 1st day of spring! My favorite time of the year! They weather is georgous and we are getting to play outside.

P.S. Cooper had his first soccer practice last night. I will post more on that later.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is in Cooper's top 3 favorite Nascar drivers. I saw the trailer in the parking lot of this car dealership on my way home from Bible study today and knew that I had to go home and get him to bring him back so he could see it! HE LOVED IT!!! He is definately my child b/c he just gets way too excited! Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Camera = Great Pictures!

I LOVE our new camera! I just want to take pics all day long and I am pretty sure the boys are sick of it! They are growing too fast!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today has been a very fun day! The best part is that the boys are both taking a nap as I write this...just kidding :) Both of my children have been in the best mood and that hasn't happened in a while b/c of all of Colt's ear infections he has had. We were in the playroom for a good 2 hours just having the best time. To hear both of my boys just giggle and get so tickled at each other is the best sound in this entire world! I am beyond thankful for my husband who lets me stay home with them so I can make these kinds of memories with them. I love all 3 of the boys in my life SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Pics in Random Order

When we woke up this morning we had over a foot of snow! Our house looks beautiful! The dogs did not know what to do, Donut is not as big as Griz so it is past her belly. She just leaps like a deer through the yard. There are some pics of that. Sorry they are in a random order but I don't know how to do them the way I want. It took forever to get the boys ready to go out and they were both excited....5 minutes later we were inside with 2 crying boys! :) But it was fun and we got pics of them out in it. Hope you enjoy!