Friday, January 29, 2010


Well here in Tipton County we are stuck in our house with snow everywhere! Cooper was very excited that he didn't have to go to school! We woke up and ate cinnamon rolls and then decided it was time to go out and play. We probably have a good 6 inches and it is still coming down as I write this. The boys were out for about 20 minutes then Colt had enough so we came in. Here are a few pics of us. Excuse me with no make up on!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another brother..

Here is the only picture we have from the day we found out about Caden. This is when we met the boys and I was telling Cooper that it was another brother!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caden Bryant Kenney

Well I am very happy to say that we are having another BOY!!!!! I can't imagine anything else and we are very excited about him joining our family!!

He was perfect and measuring a week ahead of schedule! We were so happy to get to see him and watch him run from the ultrasound lady. He was very strong-willed and stubborn. Maybe he will get all that out of his system while he is still inside.

Our due date is the same June 23!

Caden, we already love you so much and can't wait to see your sweet face!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I don't know what to say...

I am not too sure on how to title this post. But here is our exciting day...

We woke up and got to church for Revival with Bill Stafford, which was great! And Aaron and Lindsay Keegan got to come and we got to see their sweet girls. We went to lunch and had a great time. We got home just in time to take a nap. The boys went down with no questions and so did I :) Jon stayed up to get some work done and said that Colton coughed the whole time he was supposed to be asleep so he didn't know if he even slept. When they woke up Colton was just not himself. He was very squirmy and nothing would satisfy him. No fever and so we were just going to see how he was in a little bit to see if we could go to church tonight.

About that time he threw up a ton! And of course, me being my pregnant self went to my bathroom and threw up! Poor Jon!

He has been fine since and I am praying it was just all that drainage in his throat and that he will be better tomorrow. I have prayed that the boys don't get sick this week when we have 4 days of Revival b/c I will be all alone if that happens! Please pray that he wakes up tomorrow his normal self and we can continue with all our plans for our doctor visit!

We are excited about tomorrow morning but praying we have a peaceful night tonight and wake up to healthy children!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are a few thoughts about why I am so ready and excited for Monday...
* We will finally know who is going to join our family in June
*  I will know how to pray for this sweet child and call them by name
* We can get the boys prepared for their new sibling
*  I can finally start buying things for the nursery  

I am so excited about seeing our sweet baby!! We have a basketball game and a birthday party to go to on Saturday then Revival starts at church on Sunday so I am praying the days go fast!!!

Sorry all my posts lately have been about this baby but I look forward to this day for months!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harleigh Faith or Caden Bryant?!?!?

I am so ready for Monday that these days are lasting forever! I know today will be hard and long but I can't wait till Monday to see our baby and make sure everything is perfect and healthy!!

Then we find out if it is Boy #3 or our first Baby Girl! Jon and I have discussed what we think it is and we really don't know!

Come on Monday!!!!!! 5 days and counting...

All Nighter...

I will start from the beginning...

When I picked Cooper up from school yesterday he was all smiles. When we reached the gas station I got out and started the pump and when I got in the car he was crying. I asked what was wrong and he said his stomach hurt. I asked if he was going to get sick and he said no, then proceeded to gag. So I ran in and asked for a bag or something to give him for the ride home in case he did get sick.

We got home and I gave him so Pepto and 5 minutes later he was fine. Then he asked if he had to go to school the next day? I said um...yes you are not sick. Then his stomach began to hurt again :)

So off and on all night he was fine then he was sick. He played in the playroom and then when we said he had to go to bed he was sick again. So Jon and I just knew he didn't want to go to school for some reason and was just putting on a show.

We got in bed about 11 and at 1:15am I screamed out loud when I rolled over and he was right there in my face!!!!!!!! He was crying saying his stomach hurt.

We got the stuff out and made him a pallet on our floor so he wouldn't wake up Colton. We were up with him till 3 when he finally gave up and went to sleep. About 5 he woke up and threw up. So I guess he did have a stomach ache. He is still throwing up now so he got his wish and is not going to school today.

I don't know why he is getting sick so much lately but I know that God is also preparing Jon and I for being up all hours of the night when our little one arrives.

I just wish he got sick on any other day than Wednesday because when Jon leaves this morning he will not be home till they are in bed tonight. Lord help me get through this day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Cooper had another basketball game yesterday but it was a very special one to him. His teacher from Brighton Elementary came and he was just so pumped that she was there! Ms.Katie really is the best teacher and I know we are getting spoiled with our first teacher being just awesome and I know in the years to come that will not always happen but we love Ms.Katie and thank her for doing a great job and for loving our son so much!!!

Cooper scored 10 points and this morning he said, "How did I score 10 points for Ms.Katie?" He was just smiling so big! She made his day and I know he will not forget it!

Here is a picture of them after the game!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yay for Monday!

I am so excited for today!

Cooper is back to school and is feeling so much better.
Jon is at work.
Colton is home with me and we are finally starting back on our normal schedules with school and work.

Having Cooper home for a few weeks was great but we like schedules around here and now its nice to know pretty much what everyday brings.

Colton woke up this morning after Jon had already taken Coop to school and was asking where Cooper and Daddy were. I said they were at school and work and he said, Oh. So precious! I love having this time with him!

I have been feeling our baby move more and more these days and that makes it all worth it! The beginning is so hard and loooong that by the time I start feeling the baby I am feeling so much better and to know someone is really in there is so exciting!

2 weeks from today we will know if Caden or Harleigh is in there! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Water Water Water

So starting January 1st I have drank nothing but water. I love me some Dr.Pepper but I was addicted and it needed to stop. Being pregnant has helped but I still had to have one everyday or I would have a terrible headache!

I have done great even when my wonderful husband walks in drinking a Route 44 Coke from Sonic! What a nice guy :)

But with Cooper being sick for 4 days now and being stuck in the house all I have wanted is a Dr.Pepper. I told Jon that I wanted one so bad but knew I would be made at myself if I did. Good thing was there was none in the house :)

Yesterday Jon ran to the Dollar General down the road on his way to work, all day long, and bought me some of my favorite chips and dip and a 2 liter of Dr.Pepper! He walked in and I said, um...who is that for?!? He said you, you said you wanted one.

So all day long yesterday I had a whole unopened 2 liter of Dr.Pepper staring at me and I wanted it SOOO bad!

He got home last night and I had not opened the bottle! YAY ME! I wanted it so bad but knew that I would be so upset with myself!

I am praying the temptations get easier and maybe if they are not in my house I will not want one. :)

How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions?!?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So close but yet so far away...

Today was going to be the day that our lives got back to our normal routine. Jon went back to work yesterday and Cooper was to start school today...

Yesterday we went to play at a friends house and Cooper was freezing, pale, and his hands were blue. So Stephanie checked his temp, 100.3. Not fun! So we came home and he was acting fine.

I called the doctor b/c he said something about his throat hurting but then said it was fine. They told me to come on in since he does go to school so they could rule out strep throat if that is what was bothering him.

We got to the doctor about the time he started shivering and turning blue again. They check his temp and it was 103. The strep test was negative but he said that if he doesn't get cold symptoms then it prob was strep and he gave me some medicine to get filled if that is what happened.

He woke up this morning crying about his throat w/ no cold symptoms so I was gonna get his prescription filled and we would be good. Then he said his stomach hurt. 20 minutes later he was throwing up everywhere!

Praying Colton and I don't get it. Just when I stop getting sick from being pregnant I will probably be doing it again real soon. I seem to ALWAYS get what the boys get. Jon on the other hand never gets sick, he says its because he doesnt eat or drink after us! O well, that is our life today!!

The joys of motherhood!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Almost Forgot...

I am so ready to find out what our baby is that I forgot to say that in 3 months Jeremy is getting married and I will have the best sister-in-law! She is perfect for him and I could not have picked out a better girl to fit into our family!!! We love you Brandi and can't wait till April 17 when you become a real Lawyer!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I cannot believe that it is already 2010! Time really does fly by!

2009 was a great year for our family and I am thrilled to see what God has in store for us this year.

To go from a family of 4 to 5 will be huge and we cannot wait to find out if it will be another wonderful boy or a precious baby girl. Cooper just knows that it is a girl and says he already has a brother so he doesn't need another one. We have been praying for him because Jan.25 could be a great day or a really bad day for him! But we know that God is going to give us exactly what our family needs and Jon and I are fine with either one as long as we have a healthy baby!

So bring on 2010 and hurry up a few weeks please :) I am dying to know!!!