Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival

Here are just 2 pictures that I took at our Fall Festival this year. Sad I know but at least I got these :) The boys got to ride a train around the park.

I know that I have the most handsome boys in the world! I love them so much!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


This past week was Cooper's fall break and Jon took off the whole week as well. We had plans to go out of town then Jon's car bit the dust so now we are back to just 1 car so we decided to just stay home and do fun things with the boys. I love doing things that we don't normally get to do with the boys and see the joy on their faces! Its worth it all!

Sunday we didn't go to church anywhere, it was very odd not being there but nice to have a break. We were going to go to the mall and then go get some lunch and head home for little man to take a nap. We showed up to the mall at 10 when we thought it opened. Well the mall doors were open but none of the stores open till noon on Sundays..who knew?!? So we let the boys play on the indoor playground that they had all to themselves. Next we were gonna head to Costco to look around...well I forgot my card so there we were standing in front of the store all ready then had to go back and get in the change of plans. We headed to CiCi's Pizza and the boys ate like 40 pieces of pizza then we went back to the mall and then suprised the boys and took them to see Cars 2 at the cheap movie. It was alot of fun and Caden slept through the whole thing. Next we headed out to look at houses. A favorite thing that Jon and I have always loved to do and now the boys enjoy it just as much as us!! We drive around and find new houses being built and go in and check them out.

Monday we went to lunch at a newer place and had a great time. That evening we headed to Grandad and CiCi's house for dinner and some fun with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Philip and Aunt Savannah.

Tuesday we hung out at home and did some yard work then ordered pizza for dinner got to eat on TV trays and watch a movie. After we put Caden to bed we brought the big boys matresses down to the living room and played the PS3 and played a couple board games then watched another movie! Late night then they got to sleep in the living room! So fun!!!

Wednesday was a nice rainy day at home with nothing to do but play and hangout with each other.

Thursday we had lunch with NiNi and Grandpa and then went to Redbox for a movie night.

Friday we went out to lunch followed by a visit to a new cupcake shop in town owned by some great folks at church and it was so yummy!! The boys loved theirs as well. We got home and put up a tent in the backyard. The big boys were going to camp for the first time! We ate hot dogs and then made smores and then we put baby to bed and the pup to bed and headed outside. Yes I did have the monitor in our tent in case Caden needed us :) It was a lot of fun and all worth it to hear the boys just giggle with pure joy. We made it till 4:30am and it was about 45 degrees outside so we decided to take them in so we all didnt end up sick when it was time for everyone to go back to work and school. They had a great time and so did I.

We ended our week by heading to CiCi and Aunt Sarah's birthday party. Uncle Daniel was in town and it was great to hang out with the whole family.

Many new memories were made this week and I love spending that much time with my best friend. I have the best husband in the world and he is an amazing father to our boys. I am so blessed!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

iPhone Post

Here are some pics off of my phone that I finally got onto my computer.

Colton headed out to his 1st ever soccer practice
When did he grow up so fast?!?!?
I love these boys so much!
The house we got Fenway from :)
They make me happy
My blessings
Caden LOVES his big brothers!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Principal's List

My Coop is so smart and his 1st nine weeks in 1st Grade he made the Principal's List. All A's!! I am so proud of him and we went to the school to watch him get his certificate. The pics are not the greatest but he was so proud and we are too!